A wake up call !!


              Mornings are so hard and my mornings are not that good when I have to go for my laboratory session. They aren't very early but yes they are early for me to have unfinished sleep. I am careful to be on time so that I don't have to bang on the locked doors. They don't open up but yes if I get in late I may have to undergo some punishment. The pre-test for the laboratory was rather quite tricky, but some-how I managed to get through it. I don't have any idea of the results of my next dugga (pre laboratory test). One thing that I learned from this horse race running experience was..early to bed early, early to rise in time saves you from extra trouble.


            I have got some Swedish neighbours, really very knowledgeable. They are doing so many varied courses. I never gave it a thought that game programming, psychology, teaching and nursing can really be a good career. I should say that I am in really safe hands. Even if I hurt myself or need some counselling I don't have to search for help. When I see my neighbours cat, I really feel like playing with her. I say "hello kitty" and there she has a big question mark in her eyes. I guess she understands only Swedish. One thing I have observed is great care for the pets. May it be a cat or a dog they are treated just like family members. The pets which I encountered (on two different occasions two dogs actually pounced to befriend me) are not so aggressive. They don't even meow or bark too much. May be they are used to be sweet and friendly.
            It's a bit lousy task to cook and eat but a must for me to maintain my standing, walking and talking posture. It's said time is money and so I saved my time by this new method to avoid the time saving chapati making. Should I share it with you? But only on one condition. Don't trust my taste buds, I can survive only on raw and boiled food. Very simple, just add a bit too much of water to the wheat flour and spread it on the pan. Your wheat pancake is ready. I should admit it's easy life over here. Automated cooking range, canned juices, cut vegetables and many more easy to pick up stuff. I had a discussion with my friends and they do agree that it is easy for them to plan their schedule and study. At times I still forget the timings for the stores and the bank and end up trekking a minimum of 2 Km.

                The dugga itself had consumed up most of my sleep. How am I going to face the forth coming exams? I guess I better start studying studying from now, the minute next after this. There's an age old saying, I am not good at translating but it say: Start the work which you intend to do tomorrow, and do the work right now which you are supposed to do tomorrow. So I am going back to my study, I want to start it right now.

Postat av: Madhuri

Hej Namita,

pancake recipe sounds good for saving time and i hope it taste good too ;)

Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Take care


2008-02-16 @ 11:48:47
Postat av: Lalitha

hello Dear,
I undrstand u'r feelings......... Try to stay healthy and positive....
Hope u droped d idea of gng to antartica:)

2008-02-21 @ 10:26:09
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Postat av: mObila

Good ideas about antarctica...

2008-05-11 @ 16:00:42
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