Sleepy days

This week was just a fast track, never knew when it started and ended. It's a sort of relief when I have to come to the school for the labs and the seminars. These days it's the only thing that gets me out of my cocoon. And then there was a small birthday party to add to the occasion. The most bugging part was when my mail was causing my Web browser to come to a standstill. The entire day I kept wondering if there was a bug in my computer. Since I got a ready to use laptop and added to it my little knowledge about the hardware and software it was a great tension for the entire day. Thankfully there wasn't any bug or spy ware in my computer and things became normal by the start of the next day.

Till now the immunology report hasn't turned up for the corrections and that gives me chance to enjoy the weekend and plan my work for the thesis and may be a short tour around Skövde. Let's see if I am lucky enough to avoid the snow. If not then I will be back to my now obsessed passion for photography and novel reading. Reading science fictions actually fills me with zeal. This week I was reading about how the future will be in the next few centuries. All mechanized and little physical work for the humans when they will be replaced by computers and robots. The greener part is humans have more time to think and develop their hidden talents and the not so good part will be the less social and may be lazy lifestyle. Especially if you are an avid reader you always want to know the climax and that's the thing that kept me awake until five in the morning. It was hell when the following day I had a lab early at eight in the morning. My head was total bonkers and in the buffering time I made it a point to grab some short naps. That helped me a bit but not too much as until evening I was in an ON and OFF state. Thankfully there was no second version report submission on the same day. Had it been that I have to study the course material then I am sure I would have been in a eight hour long OFF state.

Maybe the coming weekends will be more fun with the Christmas events in the town. The Christmas vacation is just round the corner and already all plans are set for many. Some are travelling Europe and some visiting back their families in their home country. Come Christmas and you get the air tickets at just throw away prices. But since I am strong willed on enjoying the Christmas here I will stay and may be travel around the most famous winter locations in Sweden.

 I am discovering new Christmas specials this week.


Enjoy the life !!


Not a good time to start a day after few hours of sleep

Postat av: Jonathan

Dear Namita! You know that we usually start the lab at 08:15 and not 08:00?

You see, we are very generous. =)


2008-12-09 @ 22:40:04
Postat av: Namita


Well 15 mins is not enough to get over the sleepy hang over :).

2008-12-11 @ 12:09:42

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