Festival approaching

The days are getting shorter and shorter and the sleeping hours are just getting extended. If there is no schedule then I take the liberty to sleep very late and wake up only when my stomach demands some breakfast. But this week it was different with the exam getting over for one of the course work and having a small party for Diwali. Since Indian sweets are hard to make over here I switched on to some candies and chocolates. With the arrival of Halloween there are different varieties of chocolates in the market, some especially designed for Christmas. It's so much of similarity in the cultures at times. The Indian festival Diwali is celebrated as the festival of light ad around somewhat same time there is Advent coming up in Sweden. The long weekdays and no holidays with dark make the life really very dull. It's good to have Halloween and other days coming up before Christmas just to have some fun in the dark evenings.

It was a disappointment for me to discover that there were no Halloween kids saying "Trick or treat" and life seemed perfectly normal in the evening. Although there were some Halloween parties hosted in the cities it never felt like any festival. It was only few hours back did I discover that it's a celebration not typical of Sweden and it's still in its infancy state. So it's me who is eating all the smarties have having the NYGÅRDA Julmust. I like adventures and to try out new challenges. I had seen this drink in the market and always wondered what it will taste. Finally I got one and gulped it down. What was surprising for me was why it had a Santa Claus on it. Surfing over the net I discovered it was a Christmas special drink and that's the most sold out soft drink during the Christmas. It's a typical Swedish drink and the first sip did taste funny to me. It tasted somewhat like berry drink but after a few sips I liked it.

Thursday was my shopping day and it entirely slipped out of my mind that the day light saving had ended. Out from the stores the road was pitch dark and it was a bit confusing and a hard task to believe that days are getting shorter so drastically. Beauty is what you can see and experience all the seasons in Sweden. But the change is too sudden. When I arrived in Sweden in January it was all a new adventure for me. I did not realize many things but now over the time I realize the importance of many things, like why we have reflectors and why people wear glowing jackets. So as a self protection even I got ghosts just to make others aware of my presence in the dark. Better be safe than be late.

Diwali lights                The only Halloween I discovered
Safety first                   I wish I had house to decorate



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