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It's the end of the next week with little progress in my study pattern. Thanks to the changing weather I sleep early in the evening and am knocked out at times until the next morning, or if my stomach is hungry it wakes me up. Now this semester was in a way bit relaxing. This is my conclusion at this point. One course required six assignment submissions and the other is a written exam. So now I am done with five of my assignments and this gives me time for reading the exam requiring course. It leaves me with more of time to concentrate on finding a thesis position and also have time for myself. Let's see, I am happy this semester than what I was the previous. Why? I quit one of the jobs and utilize that time for my self development. It includes having a nap, a nice small trek or even a party with friends. With my new computer it's all the more fun. I know at times I am a bit bad girl, just wailing time, but most time I apply for thesis. May be all students need to understand that stress can actually make you really an out of life person. I heard there is a program in our university about the art of living and my guess is it must be good.

During this week I was on my way to the library via the D building as I wanted to avoid the cold. I opened and shut the door as I guessed I was entering the wrong door. But then I realized that it was right, the interior was changed. There were many games :). Experts say that playing games, dancing etc can bring down your stress level, and that's my personal opinion as well. Just dance to a tune and you feel the difference in yourself. Although I hate cooking I find myself cooking more these days. It's not too much of an exotic dish but just to feel good I cook. It was a surprising event for me that I was looking at some recipes over the net. My new discovered passion is reading English version of Swedish news paper, The Local. It feels like a homely routine, starting the morning with a coffee and reading the news paper. Not just this now I find myself more customized for the places in Sweden and even the language. I do not understand it completely but can make correct guess of what the matter reads. May be a year more or so and I understand the speaking and a year more I talk more than what I do right now.

I thought I will blog yesterday but I was a bit :(. It's festival of lights in India and here I am reading for the exam with no celebrations. Light reminds me of the end of daylight saving tomorrow, that means one MORE hour for the approaching exam. Let's all wait for the Halloween.  


Say good bye to the colors!!


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