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I am still feeling a bit lost and out of place. I wonder when I will come back to my senses. Now with the course registrations almost done and the courses picking up the speed, I have realized what the differences are between A, B, C and D level courses.  A and B level courses let you enjoy the life at your own pace, but C and D level courses don't even let you think of enjoying the weekends.  That's why you are called as a master's student.  Just keep gaining knowledge from all the sources to become the next generation scientist. Some of the science fictions of few decades back were a real laughing and totally unrealistic stories. The other day I was watching a movie where the person tries to save his girlfriend's head and then tries to find a suitable body and graft them together. It sounded like fixing up the different parts and making a cute doll out of it. May it was the era when plastic surgery and artificial grafts were being studied. When we read about the first anatomical study on human bodies was done it will surely scare the cat and hell out of you. Just imagine you being present during that time. I would have puked out and passed away. There is a joke on passing away. In many countries students say "I passed way back in 2000". That actually is he/she graduated in the year 2000. But many thing that the person fainted because of some severe medical problem and then they are sympathetic towards the student. It's not a cooked up story but a real incidence told to me by my friend. When he realized what passed away meant he couldn't stop laughing imagining about how it will look when he faints.

Since I know I cannot get my neck straight now because of the studies I thought of having today and tomorrow as a party and relaxing day, just a small trek to Billingen. Honestly the most missed part in Uppsala was trekking. Nothing as good as billengen was there near my place. So I never got the city view of Uppsala as I had of Skovde. But it's raining cats and dogs.  I just tried to be a bit curious and searched the meaning of raining cats and dogs, but there seem to be no origin for this phrase. The ones that seem to claim they know the meaning, it isn't really convincing enough. So this is what I use my laptop for; to search cats and dogs. I remember when I was told that your laptop is 14" I was really very sad at the thought that I cannot watch movies for my recreation. But I was reminded that it was a laptop and not a television which was ultraportable. It was only during my travel back did I realize the real meaning of lap-top a computer which can sit and not squat in your laps.

Use or misuse of laptop? My new recreation with Microsoft paint



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