Hej, isn't it a nice warm weather? I am enjoying every bit of it, except for the too early day break for me. The warm weather added up to it with the declaration of my results makes me all the more very happy. Unexpected I managed to clear the papers with good points. Many of the students also got through it so it was sort of party time few days back. Now back to work, searching the books and the literature. You must be wondering that why I am writing about this. Well some students were unfortunate to clear the papers and they still have a bad mood about it. Just to cheer them up I will say work work and work and you will surely be successful. Many have already started their welcome summer work; they are changing their car types from winter tyres/tires to summer tyres/tires. The gardens are now being worked upon and new plants are planted so we all can have a colorful summer.

Many are catching up with their skating skills. I love this way of quick transportation and a good exercise. There are various types of skates. The beginners start off with a skating board; it's easy to jump off if you feel that you're going to have a head on collision. Then there are double wheel skates and then the most experienced go in for single central roller skates. The most impressive skating is figure skating. There are so many dance forms and skills that are being performed maintaining their balance on the ice with a single balancing support in the shoes. I remember watching an ice skating competition held in Gothenburg. Competitors of both sexes were equally flexible and God knows how they spun their body with so easy. If it was me then I would have suffered from vertigo for sure. But yes unlike my ice skating resolution I will try the double roller skating boots for sure. It's good to have accomplished new innovative skills. A way to relax and keep learning. Some research articles claim that the new skills can be acquired with greater easy in early ages than in older ages. So before it's too late I am going to learn newer skills. The NOVA just introduced themselves and their outfit was as vibrant as their activities

Day by day cooking is becoming a bore activity and my kitchen has a deserted look except for the empty but washed vessels. I am learning to cook macaronis and pasta. It's easy and quick to cook; rather stir fry and have a meal. At times only fruits, fruit juice and salad are good. I never had a weakness feeling rather I feel so energetic and full of spirits that I work from morning to night without feeling tired. I know it's too much too early but then everyone should plan a trip to any of the major cities in advance just to avoid any inconveniences.  

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