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Nej, sorry that's a tit-bit of my Swedish learning. I am becoming a computerized zombie, just trying to remember the deadlines and work on them accordingly. I just remembered I have to check a summary. Oops, life is not what I had imagined. It's more like a jigsaw puzzle. The only relieving part is I don't have a tentament for one of my course paper. But I need to have a group project. The first one has actually drained my brain. We had a dress rehearsal of a scientist thinking. The jigsaw puzzle kept on getting more and more complex and we wrote just the double of the recommended length. The activity was a tough task. Working out theory is quite different than thinking practically. Instead of few I got hundreds of possibilities running in my head. Choosing the best is quite a tough task for the scientist. I wonder how they hypothesize which is the best method.

I am gaining more and more time for studying and moving places as the day length is increasing. That's quite a funny feeling. I mean you turn your clocks an hour forward. To be honest I had bad time sleeping in the mornings. For the past two weeks I am getting up at half past five (I am learning this Swedish time talking style) then realize I should be asleep and try hard to tuck myself back into the quilt.  But that's not a sound sleep and then I doze during the day. Summer is going to be quite tough for my sleep. Being a nocturnal is going to make it worse. So when you find any girl having unusual siesta then that's me for sure. Right now also I am yawning. The other thing I find annoying is the sun. Not that it's really bad, but the sun is always at an inclined angle which directly enters the eyes. This adds more one thing in my back pack, my goggles!! But one thing is for sure with the onset of the warm temperature I see more people in Skövde than I have ever seen before. Even the gardens are getting some of the most vibrantly colored flowers and I am looking forward to see the tulips. The pets also seem to be in a happy mood. Now that reminds me of my pets. Not all the animals are allowed to be kept as pets. If one wants to have a wild animal as a pet then special permission from the concern forest or wild life or government department has to be obtained. 

Since it's quite a time being in Skövde many foreign students are happy finding some part time jobs. It gives them a good feeling of being some what financially independent. They do manage to visit new places and believe me it's so much of a good feeling to earn your own pocket money. The most dignified thing is that all type of work is respected, right from cleaning garage to news paper delivery to being a teacher. After all work is work!! So students never feel shy for any type of work.

Namita :)


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