The morning started off too early for a weekend. Since I had to reach Skovde I had to leave Uppsala a bit early. But the last weekend was a perfectly spend weekend. A bit of party and a nice quite walk in the jungle near aaaaa not exactly a sea but may be sort of backwaters as the beautiful sound of the water kept of us mesmerized. Sweden does have a nice weather and wild life diversity. It was only when I was through the jungle I realized that there were many varieties of mushrooms. So it was a mushroom photo-session. My favorite was the bright red mushroom, a near eye catching for an amateur but a stop signal for touching or eating it. I heard from my supervisor that these are so called Viking mushrooms. In olden days the Vikings had it before they went for war; it created some kind of hallucinating effect after consuming it. No wonder I got strange stares from people who saw me taking a fancy for it.  Hhm all that looks good isn't really good. I was gifted a reindeer candle stand and a key chain, for not messing up the lab..... Na just  kidding it was a parting gift from my labmates.

I missed the Skovde festival it seems!! Since I just landed up after noon I was a bit tired yet it was good having lunch with old buddies and sharing the summer vacation experiences. Today it was just talking and listening day. On the train journey I had a nice conversation with my co-passenger about culture, industry, economics especially tax and loan issue. Coincidently when he turned the newspaper the article about Indian Industry and the big shots popped up. He was fascinated about the story about a pioneer Indian industrialist and wanted to hunt for a movie based on the tycoon's success story. It was my first yet somewhat successful non-scientific discussion for such a long time. With the signs that the autumn is coming up it doesn't look so happy at all. Now I know why everyone prefers the summer. It's cloudy and the not so bright situation isn't good for a bright feel good mood. I guess today I am a bit hyper mood; a fifty-fifty situation sad to leave the just formed friends and the lab and glad to meet old friends and re-start the study. So buddies, all just shed off the vacation mood and get to study and enjoy the weekends after a tiresome hectic schedule with friends.

In top spirits...


Mushroom art                           Touch me not                       My first gift in Sweden


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