Parting days

It just seems like it was yesterday that I moved out of Skovde, but it's been over two and a half months and it's time again that I return back. At times I ponder over the dilemma of the human mind. For instance take my situation, I never was so sure that I will be comfortable outside Skovde, but now I am just fine with the not so new environment and I have started liking Uppsala as well. Now I want to come back to Skovde and start my semester but I am felling dejected to leave Uppsala. I have so many fond memories with my new friends and my really comfortable lab environment and the lab group. Three of my friends have already left for a short vacation before they start their semester. May be this is called as the journey of life. Move forward with the fond memories of the past. I forgot to mention I had volunteered for the group lunch this Thursday and to my surprise it wasn't so bad after all. I tried not to lose my patience and I succeeded a bit in it.

Not just my lab mates but also my neighbors have left. It was as if get one free for the other. Two partings over the weekend. The only choice when I now come back home is glue my eyes to the computer. Since that's not so much characteristic of me I think really like a peanut. I try to browse the internet without much success. But I discovered some really good and some really nasty stuff yesterday. It depends how you want to use your skills and brain. Not that always some educational stuff has to be read but also some good general knowledge and entertainment can be found. For instance if I hate to plug the headset to listen to the radio I can just get it over the internet and let it sing over my laptop. Even I save up some money by watching the online movies and cartoons during my leisure time. May be online stuff will soon pick up speed as against the programs with strict predetermined time.

Over this Friday I was supposed to click some photographs for my report. I have shot dozens of them but only a handful seems to be of any help to me. When I tried to get help over the internet I was surprised to see really helpful tips over this issue. May be I should have referred to them as a homework before breaking my backbone on Friday.

Developing skills in the lunch room!!            Top view of blue bottle         


The broken link                                    Getting hold my life!! 

Gear up for the semester!!


Postat av: peptech


this is known as human adaptations madam

2008-08-17 @ 12:10:24
Postat av: bimal

"Move forward with the fond memories of the past" Nice!!

2008-08-17 @ 14:08:30

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