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Indeed a very busy week. Just so much busy and exhausting that I took yesterday for a weekend and promptly wished a professor "Have a nice weekend." It's something more than the work. The air is mad making some of us including me sick with cough and cold. My self diagnosis was it was a viral infection, but now I have a doubt. Even after four days I have not got my beautiful voice back and I still sound like a parrot. This was not what I wanted at the start of the holidays for me. Luckily for me I wasn't chosen for the article presentation, the last day in this year for the seminars or lectures. Somehow the previous days I had a gut feeling that I am lucky not to pick up the disastrous chit. Luck has been more favorable towards me since I have come in Sweden.

Last weekend I was moving around Skövde and for the first time I realized what a Christmas celebration would be. The only thing missing like the Christmas celebration in the movies is the soft snow. The central library had a Christmas market and it was a small but well organized one. The small girls looked pretty in their white and red robes and the entire atmosphere could spoke for itself. There were old antiques and the paintings hosted over there some small enough with great exquisite details than can mesmerize us. Imagine a piano with all the details but smaller than the size of a small match box. Since no photography was allowed I had to look and admire them just over there. The English and Swedish songs sung by professionals held the audience so much so that few of us were the standing audience for more than five to six songs.

I didn't want to leave but who does my shopping if I don't? That's a task these days. The shops always seem to be full and I never was the first in queue for the payment. All the Christmas shopping and with good offers coming every week there is no end to the shopping. But thanks to a system of self paying the bill, you don't have to wait that long in the queue. On the way I got to task the Swedish drink glögg with pepparkakor. It sure was a warm non-alcoholic drink after a good two hour walk in the cold, but to be honest it was a bit too sweet for me. Well let's see how I get along during the X-Mas eve. Well the roast turkey was an OK story :)

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