No accidents

Why do things start getting worse when I want them to be smooth? The mobile alarm didn't ring and I had to push myself out of bed at 7.30 A.M., getting ready just in time for the morning lab and that means no proper breakfast. The funniest part is my bacterial cells are just refusing to grow and it seems I have to wait late until evening before I can actually finish the practical. Nothing more to do in the lab leaves me sleepy and with an urge to munch on some junk food. Tomorrow will be the last day of my master's lab. The always bugging lab dugga or if not it then the assignments just before being allowed entry to the lab have sort of left some memories of few protocols in my grey cells. This should be good start up for the thesis work. A more organized work plan and prior reading of what is really expected to be done in the lab saves the time and also is a full stop to any one's bad mood building up. Luckily I did not hurt myself too much in these last labs. Maybe because using kits is much more safe and biology is safer than chemistry. Back in my home country I had made silly mistakes of adding water to acid and on other occasion assuming that I was on the right track I had made sodium fly out of the test tube. Here except for a few finger cuts I made no blunders. But the healing is taking longer than I anticipated. My brother was smart enough to know my habits and didn't send me a finger print protected password laptop. Well at times it's hard to anticipate beforehand the problems associated with the best of the technology.

Sitting here in G and looking at Billingen, the tower and the skiing slope are barely visible. In fact I tried a walk last Saturday but just as a change I visited ICA and other Thai shop and then the rest is history. I could lay my hands on turkey, a small single serving leg piece for a perfect weekend especially when you just want to try the taste of it. More students are finalizing their master's thesis and some are going further more to the Northern part of the globe. The ones who already had been there during the summer are scaring them saying that you will be one of the rare people to be seen during the winter. I can imagine how sleepy the day will be without the day light breaking before you leave home for the day. May be local people find it usual but adjusting to this weather takes more than a year. Daily I sleep during the evenings or in the afternoons just when it starts to get late and then I try to find stars during the night. The dinner is also a big issue as my body demands food just few hours after it starts getting dark, that's around 5.00 P.M. leaving me to decide if to have a coffee or a supper or dinner.  


All still as it was.


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