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Merry Christmas (God Jul) and wait with a smile and resolutions for the New Year, 2009. A week before the days never seemed to end but now the Christmas never seems to have put gear in the lives and the social activities. Yesterday I had been to the Christmas Eve feast at Kyrkans Hus, so get a glimpse of the Swedish way of the celebrations. One thing was quite surprising that mostly the older generation is interested in all sorts of celebrations. The food was traditional but with all varieties so that vegans don't have to be left half hungry. I gave all dishes a try but for some I just haven't developed the taste as yet. May be by next year things will be fine with me. 

 I did not try my hand at making the special or even a simple Christmas cake. Just did not have the mood with all the baking smell. It was a special Christmas celebration in a way for me and some of my friends, a short duration trek to Billengen. On the way up I started the tradition of falling down at least once in winter time. It wasn't the snow but some running trick leaving my just jaws a few inches from the ground, a swollen hand and a torn glove. Trekking through the short cut via rocks and trees we made our way to the top to discover some skiing going around. The temperature wasn't much just -1°C and near the frozen lake it was a view worth watching. All against the safely rules we all had turns taking the pictures right in the middle of the frozen lake. That wasn't funny with no help around and troubling the emergency on a Christmas day. But at times it's worth taking the risk.

Far away we could see a camp fire and wished for a one to defrost our hands. With all the grass and the few tissue papers we tried to light a fire but nothing worked and that was the end of our patience. Horrified at the idea of getting colder we headed for the church and then down for our sweet home. The only desire was to get a steaming hot coffee on the top. That time I thought of the coffee and other food machines set up at our college. Just drop a few coins and save yourself from hunger and thirst and cold.

The next target is shopping, the best heard part is on 26th December there are the best sales and you get all your desired gifts at really great prices. So much so that I heard that shops are overcrowded and people wait in queue for the shops to open and be the first to grab the items. The best Christmas gift for all my classmates was that we were saved to send the second version of immunology lab report. Sometimes errors do become gifts for others.

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