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Yes finally I have made it! I am landing in Sweden within few hours from now. I am going to enjoy every moment over here and learn all that I can. But at the same time I will miss out my old days. I have a knack for writing and I am going to write a dairy on my experiences in Sweden. May be in future I can get it published and maybe I can be nominated for Pulitzer awards. I can even read it out just to recollect my golden days. Experimenting with science, words and machines is my hobby. But I try to stay away from electric points just to keep my hair style intact. Here´s my self composed biotech romantic love letter. Beware I am going to copy-right it.

Oh my love,
My dear complimentary DNA, you are just made for me. My love for you is in pandemic stage. But you can turn it into epidemic stage. Let us give time for it to mature; just like the incubation time for restriction digestion.
Let our love be as eternal as the induced diving microbial cells and ever-budding like the yeast cells. Our love is complimentary as the self winding DNA strands. Our heated temperaments may separate us, but the effect is short lived like the denatured DNA. After cooling down we will desire for our complimentary partners. May the stone hearted humans like endonucleases try to divide us but I will seek only you as my complimentary partner. We will then patch up our little differences like the ligases.
Oh my love if u extract my soul you will find only pure love for you like the unaltered wild type DNA. You can see my fond memories with you just like the restriction site scattered all over the genome. My love for you is so pure and sure that no amount of recombination, alteration and deletion will alter my feeling. I am like a stubborn monocot plant withstanding any amount of Agrobacterium transformation. I may die in this evil process but my love for you will never alter.

Today we have Makar Sankrant. It´s not a major festival like Diwali, but is a really cool festival to enjoy. Small girls are gifted with "sugadi" a small earthern pot. It has some fresh tender chick pea, fresh sugarcane and other tender natural cereals with "Til Gul" ´Til Gul? is made from melted jaggery and sesame. It´s a real painful experience making ladoos (small round balls) from this semi liquid heated mixture. The principle is that if you eat this stuff during winter you have less change of catching cold and also it tends to increase your body heat. This was true especially during olden days when there wasn´t any high calorie and much of oily stuff. But if one has some extra calories then better refrain from having too many and even if you have them burn out the calories. It´s a strict no for all diabetic patients. ?Hurda? is another fiber rich dish prepared. It´s made from tender raw jowar or other cereals. Just roast them and eat them with salt and lime.

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GR8......... going dear!!!!!!!!! Go ahead.........
Best wishes.......

2008-01-22 @ 08:49:53

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