Lazy me!!

Sorry that I was late during this week. It was just that I had a hang over. An exam hangover. It went out bad, pretty bad. I was angry on myself. May be I had put in too less efforts for this course and now I am just praying that I clear it. I hate to redo the same things over and over. Same goes for reading the same course content. It feels as if I know the things when I actually didn't understand them. May be this is human nature to move on with the things. Now that I am free bird during the summer I try to catch up some of the movies and walk around to discover new shopping centres. It's hard to walk in the sun. Since it is my first time away from the equator it is more tough. Even having a short haircut isn't helping me. I feel on fire when out on the roads, a perfect grill condition. Not all will agree that they look forward to the winter. I walk for half an hour and doze for more than two hours. That's pretty bad!! May be this is the right time to plan for the summer but as yet things aren't working the way I had planned them for me. I also have my apartment to be cleaned up. It's a jeopardised state. I think that makes sense during the exam time. Once for all I am either going to fix up my computer or just dump it. It's such a non-sense. More and more viruses are catching up and I did not put an antivirus in it. I don't understand why should some one likes to create the virus rather than create a superb game out of their great thinking. May be that's an indirect way to secure a job for programmers. Once I am through with my reports I have to plan about what should I do . Ahh how can I forget my visa extension? I surely don't want to be deported to my home country.

Most of the students are moving out from Skovde and that's giving it a deserted look. Even the school is looking so hollow and really boring. The only thing I look forward to right now is the National day. Shouldn't it should be a happening day? A day to celebrate with carnivals and parades. Well let's see what's in store for the foreign students to enjoy. Most of them have the same problem. What to do during the long summer holidays? Some are planning for a job but lazy me I will like to move around the town and catch up with my hobbies.I have a secret to tell about my summer plan but not now, let it finalize. In fact I have a dying desire to tell it but just can't. That makes me so uneasy. May be next week is the perfect time for it. An adventure will be picking up wild berries and looking Newton's favourite fruit grow. It should be a nice experience to watch apples and pear fruits grow in the garden. But now I am planning where should I be during the National day. There are some air sports events in Stockholm in July where the dashing pilots are going to amuse us with their skills.

Gearing up to move

......... Namita.......


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