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It is time for me to relax a bit. I planned to shop for some cotton stuff to keep me cool from this heat. At times I feel that the heat is too intense and I should sit down in the shower during the entire afternoon. To my surprise I got to see a XXL mega size T-shirt and jeans. Not that it was meant for some one to use but it was an advertisement. Great brains to attract small brains like mine! The advertisement industry is a place where you can actually give way to your creativeness. No full stop to it at any point. There was a Barbie doll dress designing competition. A serious stuff where there are judges from the fashion industry and one after the other is eliminated. If you have an advanced and a happening thing going on you are in or else you are out. This is the rule all over the world for all the things. Be it software, education or medicine. Just a rush!! So I decided to crouch on the sofa and relax before I start my packing. It was then I knew about the most energetic person; Granny D.

At the age of 85 and above she walks the USA right from skiing and going around in the dessert. I guess that is really a great spirit for that age. For me walking down the town in this summer is a task in itself. The only thing I think of is having a cool refreshing energy drink and some good massage. What joy if it is accompanied by some aromatherapy? You think I am having a fantasy? May be yes!! But even the sight of fresh flowers soothes my nerves and muscles. Nature has its own way to refresh our minds. That's why sometimes it is recommended to do gardening in the leisure time. The not so bad thing in it is the deafening sound of the mowers. The really intelligent thing that I observed over here is that the public gardens are always colorful with different flowers. Potting the already flowering plants gives you a variety of flowers to see within a short summer. It is said each flower has its own significance, but my guess is it depends upon person liking as well. What if someone likes lilies more than a rose?

One weird thing that has happened is I get hungry very soon. Usually summer time not everyone feels the appetite. For the past 3-4 days I just sleep and eat. Not just small snacks but complete meal. I better start jogging when the sun is down or I may have to buy the XXL jeans and T shirt for myself.

I am leaving right now but will always miss the summer in Skövde. But that doesn't stop me from writing my experiences. Who knows what I have in store for me? I guess that will be a nice experience and more add to my experience about Sweden. But Skövde will always remain my home sweet home.

My  future..nej               An ever laughter smile !!            Adding color to life. 



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