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It's so many days that I actually got time to blog. I am bit puzzled by Uppsala city and also still not able to adjust too much to it. The place is quite big and really one needs lots of stamina to walk the entire place. Skövde is a nice and cozy place where all the necessary stuff is near-by.  Here I have to walk for more than half hour at full sprint speed to get to my laboratory. That's only the one way trekking time. It's more than the schedule exercise for me. But then that's the way things are here for me. Till date I am making new discoveries daily.

The language slang is very different in northern Sweden. So I ultimately keep my little bit learned Swedish in a lock. I always converse in English. If anyone talks to me in Swedish I just raise my hands. There is good bus service over here, rather I was amused to see the bus designs, and some are with the connectors. It was not until I got lost and was really drenched that I decided to board the bus. Luckily I happen to remember the bus stop where I needed to get to. That sounds so stupid but not really when you discover that you are lost and are on the centrum, a bit far away from your apartment. But that was fun in its own way. The weather is just unpredictable; mornings you have the bright sun and evenings it starts pouring down and gets cold as well. I hate the sun but neither do I love the rains. On my route I find a small jungle and I manage to get some four legged animal stare at me. I am not that good with sheep, lamp and goat, take whatever you want. My walking route is a great place for snail lovers. You will find a snail every 5 cm, not small but huge ones. I was nice to watch them first but the day they started coming on the cycle path it was a mess. Good they do not have any back bone to break. They are just smashed into jelly. At times it's so annoying to walk that I actually feel like kicking then back into the grass. Their population density is so high that I have stopped picking up the wild berries as well. May be that's the same condition in Bellingen.


I haven't seen much of student life in Uppsala as yet. The summers are there and most of the students are out on their vacations or for a job in some other place. In a way the city is emptying out. Maybe Sköde must be half empty by now. I really miss being in Skövde. The mid summer is making me feel so fresh. I wake at 2.30 daily, courtesy Mr.Sun. May be this weekend they have a small show about traditional farming in Sweden and I think that will add a bit of spices to my stay in Uppsala. Come on; please keep me updated about the happenings in Skövde. Happy midsummer !!

Attention !!                     Slimy berries                       Hej Mr Slug !!


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