Perfect celebration

It was a perfect Friday. A short celebration of the National Day! All such celebrations make us really feel proud of our nation. I always get a self realization of my duties towards my country. Saluting to my flag is something that I really missed. But no worries! Sweden now being my home for more than five months I do realize that I feel for it no less than what I feel for India. May be when you are away from your home you realize its real importance. I may sound too sentimental but then that's me. The best and really energetic part of the ceremony was the parade and the dance. Different dance forms actually made me tap my feet. I remembered the International dinner; full of dance trains. I guess dancing burns your calories very quickly and also make you feel happy. No wonder all the dancers had the perfect smile and perfect the physic. I guess I was not that lazy about having doing a regular work out. The parade was other thing that I had to strain my neck with. The officers were really tall for my normal eye level vision. So I had to look up at them. The same goes with military officers. When I was traveling down to Gothenburg I looked like a tiny tot in front of them. I was nowhere even near their chest height. The different flags had their own significance and also they were caught differently.  Its ten years since I have actually held a flag. I was the school caption and had to lead the entire school to the local municipal office where the entire town used to have a common flag hoisting on independence and republic day. We had to gather there by eight in the morning and then after the function had the entire day to ourselves. Since it is a happy occasion sweets are distributed to children and the entire town celebrates it like a mini festival.

I wasn't able to catch all the words but some how I could get a jest of what the announcements were about. The one song I liked particular was the ones sung by the children. None were shy rather they were eager to sing it out. They actually had lot of confidence. When I was in my school, I acted in a couple of plays. I always had a terrible start, but once through I was very comfortable with it. May be this is a way to encourage social contacts. I see that student social life is excellent over here. There are various groups as per the disciplines and also there are group parties. It's not just me but many praise the student as well as community social life in Sweden.

Last time I had promised to share a secret with you, not a really good though. I will be out for my summer. In a way I get to see more of Sweden but less of Skövde. May this is life. You gain and loose at the same time.


Happy summer !!!             Time to pack back pack !!



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