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It's over three weeks that I am in Uppsala and I am not able to move out in the city. It's only the right turn that I take from my apartment, the road that leads to my laboratory. But I have absolutely no problem with it. Just because I like to work in the lab, more than that the anxiety of getting the anticipated results keeps me going on and on. It's now I know why Sweden is called the home for all. I see so many scientists from all over the world. All their superb work and thinking makes me think I am a fool and at times I feel like running out from here. One thing I have realized that I need to be good in maths if I have to continue my career in biology. At times I fear I may over dose with the antibiotics. Good that bacteria and plants don't squeak like the mice. Being a workcoholic makes things worse for me. I want the results and when they don't turn up I get depressed easily, but now I am learning to be have more patience. I guess it will take me some more time before I learn to figure out what permutations and combinations I can use to get my experiment running.

I make so many silly mistakes at times, just unbearable for me but my guide is quite cool about it. May be he is confident that next time I will be more careful with the things, but it's the work that I loose. When my gel fell on the floor I was almost on fire. My 3 days of work was on the floor lying by my footsteps. Not less than 24 hours ago I set my gloves on fire, happily did not invite the brand alarm.  It's a long time since I started working all day long and in spite of having my breakfast, brunch and lunch I am always hungry. My snacks weigh more than my reference file. Mostly the noodles make up my evening snack. My misconception that I may shed off some weight is wrong. I walk, work and eat almost the double of my requirement. May be it has to do something with the summer.

My other adventure was shopping in the city. My though that the shops open in the mornings on Saturdays as in Skövde was wrong. Until noon I was wandering around but nothing but the birds made a great time pass for me. Some kids were feeding the birds and it was so lovely so see them run behind the birds. I hear that peacock's are best chasers with their long outstretched neck and pointed beak they can make you run for the safety of your thigh muscles. I am on my way to the jungle trip. Good there are no big cats and poisonous snakes in Sweden.

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