Freak out day!!


            Hew!! Finally my report is done and my next lab session is on its way to its completion. That means another report via URKUND. So you can imagine how much stressed out I am. I just wanted some change atleast a momentary change from all the tensions. My personal experience says when you are mentally stressed then do some physical work. I like to pack my back-pack with some chocolates, chips and a real must for long walk, a bottle of water.



             My plan was to explore the Boulgner pond. It's a nice place for a calm walk and a short jog. The most soothing feature of the place is you can hear the water flow and the duck's talk. Just close your eyes and get a feel of these things. Believe me it's a real relaxing technique. But I wanted to exert more and I kept walking. I thought it will be great walk and I just walked till Bellingen. My thought was it will take only about thirty minutes straight walk but it wasn't so easy. Not because of the road but because of the nice scenic landscape over there. My basic botanist's instinct tried to capture many different varieties of plant species. It was a surprising sight to see many small plants trying their best to survive in the semi-frozen ice. Speaking about snow there wasn't any on the way; well I had actually given up hopes to see any snow this year. It was getting pretty late and I wanted to turn back but then I wasn't going to leave my mission half way.


                When I finally managed to reach the top I saw my unexpected dream. There was some snow. I was so happy to see the skiing track with some snow on it. I didn't ski but I managed to slide on the snow track. The dense vegetation and the clear view was a sight to see and to get a feel of being in Sweden. The most amazing view was that of the mountain tree sport. It's a kind of an artificial wood construction. It's a huge tower which 18 people can climb simultaneously with 30 different alternative routes. It's just 21.5 meters in height but yet it has a massive weight of 11 tons. I wanted to try it but bad luck. The information board displayed a minimum of five different wild life species that can be found over there. It was getting dark and I was really tired and wanted to go back to my cozy apartment. On my way back I could just figure out the old church. That's when I realized how far I am from my home. Since the last bus had already gone by I managed to run down the slope. A jog after a long walk; a real pathetic situation. I should say that the local people are very energetic. I was dragging my feet but they were just having a refreshing evening walk on the hill. It's a good practice to walk daily, yes not to Bellingen. Patience, sacrifice and endurance helps to achieve your dreams.


My tired dragging steps!!     Survival of the fittest.       My boot skiing track!!       The team game.

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it is always nice to explore the new things

2008-03-03 @ 23:53:55

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