Head on collision

Good morning!! You think I am crazy? Well, you are free to say that. But I am having a really hurried freak out. I just couldn't wait to write blog about my new exciting experiences, but I thought it would be a better presentation if I tell you more about the head on collision of the festivals as well. Since my tentaments (exams) are over and that I am having a few days off for Easter I am grabbing most of my free time. Then I had a few festivals to celebrate. It was like a rapid fire round, one after the other. There was Eid and then Holi, Good Friday and following it very closely is Easter and Rangpanchami. Above all these celebrations I am going to celebrate the victory of my tentaments (The count down has begun for the results!!)

I did miss out the traditional puran poli, the traditional stuffed sweet pan cake (This is best how I can describe it), but I was lucky to have delicious lamb meat; courtesy my friends. Well Holi marks the onset of spring season. On Rangpanchami herbal colors are played. It is said that the onset of another season brings along with it many viral infections and these herbal preparations make from medicinal plants help ward off the infections. The saddest part of my vacation is all my fellow students have left home for Easter and I am left alone. It's like a haunted place. No one to talk to or enjoy the films with.

My only constant companion is my mail box and chat window. Not a single day begins without me booting the computer before I take my shower. Sometimes I think we are becoming technology dependant. There was a time when communication was via only post. It was days before the letter could reach the destined place. Then came the telephone and now it's just a matter of login and password to start off with the voice chat and view the world via a web cam. The world is actually shrinking. There were portraits of the eminent people but now you can just click-click-click any think. I remember a lesson during my graduation. It was a hypothetical view of what the world would be after few hundred years. It said there would be no need of fresh sunlight, vegetables, fruit, and natural air. All your needs will be satisfied by the computer program, even the fragrance of fresh flowers will be imitated. The newer generation had a glimpse of the old world and a kid actually wanted to stay back in the underground old world. Sometimes I think we are actually heading towards this front.

Talking about the days from Wednesday, I was just lazying around like the cat in the photograph. I think my photography skills have become from not so bad to not so good stage. I should say that finally my prayers have been answered and the snow didn't melt until my tentaments. Walking in the snow isn't that easy after all. The melting snow did seem good near the library. I could capture a snow capped owl and the developing claws of the snow.

I am going to experience and enjoy my first Easter. I saw some kids painting some small rounds and also playing with a clown. Let's see what's more in stock for Easter.

Happy Easter!!

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How's my snow cap??      A walk a day keeps you in shape


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