Too many things to worry !!!

Framtid day! It's a real enjoyment and a learning experience. That's the time when one comes to know more about the various opportunities and the products just under one roof. It's really interesting to know the happening things around you and then having a face to face interaction is always better. I remember when I was a student I enjoyed the educational fairs a lot. At times they were too exhaustive for the brain. Latter on sit and apply to the various universities and wait endlessly for their response. My mail box used to be full of mails and then keeping a track of them was equally bad. I just wish that all the mail systems had an automated segregated system of compiling the mails according to the sender's e mail address. It's so annoying that some of the mail systems don't even have the facility to segregate the mails into a folder. That's so annoying!! Well my guess is it has to do with some thing with patenting trade designs. Intellectual property right is a real good brain scratching work, but then my guess is at times it's the customers who suffer, as I suffer by not having a facility to create a folder in my e-mail. The same goes if you use cell phones of different companies. Functionally they are so different.

The newest thing that I really appreciate in the university is the safety regulations in the university. The other day there was some gas leakage in one of the buildings and within five minutes after the fire alarm rang off the fire brigade was present. My friends tell me really amusing stories about the fire brigade. They tried to fry some food without the exhaust ON and then within few minutes the fire brigade was there at the doorsteps. It's really funny to hear this but I just can't face them if I committed this blunder.

Everyone is having a nice weekend and I am trying to figure out what I am going to study, rather where to start studying from. There is so much of mess in my brain. The reports, study, report revisions and then the tentamens. I think I deserve a day off.  The endless laboratory sessions are really very tiring. More than the experiments themselves it's the rush that I hate the most and that's when you realize the importance of team work and proper organization. I really wonder as to why there should be disputes within the groups. This reminds me of the team game on Belligen. Mutual understanding, co-operation and faith in our and other's work potential is a real must if group work has to be successful. Yeah, but everyone has to be involved in every decision.

Now I am going to dig my books and poke my head into them to get some matter into my brain. May be next week I will be in a more unbalanced mind set.

Postat av: madhuri

Hej Namita,

u look more worried, just relax!!!

Framtid is also good oportunity to secure summer job if anyone is interested.

This course is not only abt mol bio bt it will help u to develope personally also so all the best with group members :)

2008-03-09 @ 13:12:07
Postat av: shoeib

did they also give some things are free !!!

2008-03-11 @ 15:59:40

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