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Kids, oh nothing but lucky life. Just do homework and play. There weren't many video games when I was a kid. The other day I was in a kids shop looking up for some soft toys and my God you name it and you have it in store for the kids. The typical doll house and the vibration guns. It is a good practice to play games especially outdoor games when the weather is with you. I was playing badminton and sure it was a real relaxing thing. Fresh air fills you with fresh and new ideas. It's so euphoric. I couldn't stop myself and went for a short jog. Skövde is a place to be, a natural health consciousness arousing place. I overdid my physical work out and that really pained my muscles for not less than three days. To add up to the trouble I had my first skating lesson in which I barely missed hurting my backbone. Trying new adventures is always fun. I was a bit too early for the bank so I just stood there for a few minutes. There was some construction work going on and the big remote controlled machine was scratching the wall. That was really a sight for me to see a remote controlled machine. Perfect control!! I felt like the once upon a time kid and his machine has grown up only that the machine was now focused for more constructive work.

Now that the summer holidays are going to begin the assignments are piling up and that makes everyone work really hard. The computer block is the second home for most of the students. I pack up my lunch and snacks and try to work until midnight. It's no fun to stress out so much. Just to refresh the mind my F5 button for the brain is listening to music and playing some games on my handset. Since my fellow students are really hard working I have to get a hands-free. Sometimes I have to transfer the data in the computer and that adds to my USB and its cable. That sums up to having a wire's-mesh in my bag. It's hard to get one out without pulling out the other one. It looks and feels as complicated as life is. Patience serves the best to unsolve these problems. May be all students should have a compulsory course in stress management. That will surely lead to have more fruitful results for the students.

It's nice to have a hobby. That's my way to relax my brain. Some have the habit of stamp or coin collection and others like shoot. I meant my photography and not animal hunting. That's too space consuming with the bulky photo albums piling up and their maintenance as well. But now I store my cool photos over the internet which my friends can view and I can relax by not maintaining them. Just clicks and I know which photos to add and arrange them as per my wish. The same goes to videos and other scientific stuff. The online communities help a lot. Maybe I am becoming an internet virus beaten zombie.  

Namita... :)

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2008-05-08 @ 20:58:51

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