Real troubles !!

I admit I am a bit late this week. But it isn't much of my fault. I am having a feeling that I am a future predictor or a bio engineer. I am looking at all the weird protein and DNA structures with only alphabets to look and try to predict something very nice, but it barely happens. Had my parents known that ATCG alphabets are going to cause catastrophic effect of my psychology then I guess they wouldn't have bothered me too much for higher study. But that's not all. The computer softwares are all the more bad. I try to some result out of it but oops it's very bad. This week I had too much of mathematics for my little mathematic-phobia brain. The best solution to overcome a phobia is to face it and I am trying to do the same with the mathematics. Rather I am still on a journey to handle those nasty scientific calculators. I like to be perfect and at times I have to work in schools on Sundays and guess what I am the only person inhabiting an isolated room. At times I plan my meal here itself. This is the best thing I like in the school. You can refresh with a cup of really dark coffee. That actually gives me a kick when I am too exhausted to work This is much better option than trying hard to study when you are in your apartment.

I caught hold of an old magazine during the clean up. Fortunately for me some part of it was translated in English. I just went through it and was shocked to know about so many historical places around Skövde and also museums in Skövde. It should be a great experience to just visit them. Well the Gothia science park is holding some conference on this 20. Again it is about biology so it is a must for me to visit it. At times some students wonder what they are going to do during the long summer holidays. I will say enjoy the midnight sun and travel every nook and corner of Skövde. Who knows when you will get a second change after the graduation? Last night I was washing up my winter jackets; hopefully it did not shrink and it took quite a long time. Rather Sunday morning for it to dry. I am keeping a record on the sunset and sunrise time. I joined my friends to watch a late night movie and by the time the movie ended it was day break again. I couldn't figure out how I should prepare myself to go to bed. It's going to be worst during the peak summer and thick black curtains should fix up this dilemma. Most inconvenience is for the poor birds whose day starts just after a couple of hours of rest.

Did I mention about the barbeque? Well it is the best time to enjoy it. There are big family barbeques but I discovered a single time mini picnic barbeque. That's my plan to visit Bellingen with the barbeque and barbeque the chicken and fish, if I am lucky to catch some in the lake. The last photo is a bit confusing for me. I have never seen a house with stairs only half way, may be it is an outside staircase.

What's the time?            Scratching my head    An escape or a ......??

...Namita :) ....


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