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The other day I was digging into my bag and found one Indian currency coin. It felt like ages that I haven't actually done shopping with any hard cash. Over here I just swap the card and I am done with paying my bills. Rather I hate to carry cash. I was just doing a survey of the currency exchange rate. I always like to search for such weird things on the net. I guess there is a bit of steady market now. I have heard people converse about the share market ups and downs. Which shares are going to fetch a good market price and so on. It feels as if a mini share market database is fed in their brain chip. I already have a problem with numbers, but seeing the traders juggling with numbers makes me very curious. I have my math exam on Monday and I am learning to operate the calculator rather than solving the questions and holy me I mess up the different ways into one to get a nothing close to answer number. In this play sometimes one can be very lucky. Just yesterday my friends were lucky enough to get a two way airfare at almost the half price of the scheduled price. Lucky fellows!! That reminds me of the internet banking facility. But I was denied that :(. It adds to a somewhat perfect life in Sweden. Just to get my account statement I had to walk for half an hour. Isn't that a waste of time when you can do the same job with just few movements of your finger tips? This is a job opportunity for so many computer programmers as well, so save the website from being hacked by the bad guys. Not just that I had to take a mini statement from my bank's bankomat. The other bank's bankomat did not support this system. They should be more co-operative.

As the vacation is approaching I am wondering what I will be doing sitting here for more than two months without any school. Traveling and hiking is a natural thing for my physic and so is sleeping. No idea who wins, I will be lazy or actively moving around. May be I will open up the map of Skövde that I got with the information brochure during the start of the course and move around. Having a bike of your own is really a good fun exercise. Back at my home country I did have one, but hated it as most of the traveling is by horse power bikes. The bike models in Sweden are really very heavy for my fragile figure. They swift sound that they make during the acceleration is really tempting. I just feel like mounting onto one and going for a long drive. Other than my visit to Vattern lake, I did not hop into the train and that is a weird feeling. Staying within an area of 5 km diameter. Even the thought makes me feel that I am living such a bore life style. Students have the right to have fun and enjoy their young age and what am I doing? Just school work! I guess time and lifestyle management is what is really needed as of now.

Wish me and my friends luck for my last semester exam. I did get the reward of working in a great team. We all could make it up and we were ourselves very happy with our achievements. We had started from scratch and cleared the group activity without any need for correction. Hats off to team work.

My favourite hat                 Team work spirit

Namita :)


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