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Simply Awesome!! Now it makes most of the new students happy. Although they cannot make the snow man they are happy to see the first snow of their life time and so am I. Last weekend I was away travelling and still I feel that I need to travel a bit more. The college is at its full speed but I am unable to catch up with it. I am just feeling of having a party or few relaxed days. May be now I have reached a saturation point with the deadlines and the submissions. It seems like a never ending story and gives you little way for enjoying during the weekdays. To add up to the mess is my terrible eating and sleeping schedule. When all sleep I am awake and have dinner when most have a evening snack or a fika. And the vicious cycle continues and troubles me especially when I have the labs in early mornings. Half way like a zombie I walk to G 310 just in time not to get extra assignments for being late.

May be this weather or may be just that I need a lot of change in my daily life I baked a citron kaka (lemon cake) this week. It wasn't too good but good enough for couple of my quick breakfast sessions. I am proud because this was my first independently baked cake with all the instructions written in Swedish. Since I am not good in math's I had to convert deciliter to liter and when I did not find any measuring cup with deciliter or liter I had to recalculate the water to centiliter. I got this inspiration from my friend whom I helped with baking the other weekend. She has lot of patience to manage all this with her work schedule. So now theoretically I know baking ginger cookies and Kanel Bullar and most important what ingredients to get from the market for the same. One thing I realized over the baking lessons was it gives you a "feel good" feeling if you are cooking for your beloved ones. If you're an extrovert having a company for cooking, nothing adds more to the fun time. The next time I feel like making exotic dishes I may arrange for a mini party, which gives you a good reason to cook really good food.

There are many Asian students and many a times the exotic raw material is not readily available. The nearest option is Gothenburg. But travelling only to get grocery isn't really an economic idea and also you have to waste you back sitting for couple of hours in the train. My evening walks and a shopping freak tendency has made me run to specific stores. The other day I was in ICA MAXI where they have a section dedicated to Asian countries. That was a real relief for me and also rang some tingles when I saw the long desired stuff. Some say your body builds up more fat in winter to protect you from the cold; let's see if I need to buy new clothes in the middle of the winter. Just keep your legs moving and you know what's best in different stores.


The broken citron kaka

The christmas count down begins !!

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