A light in the dark days

It's nasty. The sleepy weather is taking its toll over me and my power nap time is extending from few minutes to few hours. The only best part I like about this weather is you can catch excellent sleep during the night. Just tightly bundle up yourself in a warm blanket and you're done for the night. It's OK now as there from Monday there will other half of the semester starting and no time for sleep. This two months a course is a really very good idea as once done we can concentrate our full time and energy to the other courses. The worst part is when the labs start at 8.15 AM. It was a perfect time to start a day even before 8.00 in summer but dark days, ohh no. It feels terrible to get in the shower and try to rid off all the sweet dreams sleep. Most hate it when the labs have a lot of buffering time in between. That's when most of the school's coffee and chocolate drinks are gulped down.

Time passed away just like and other season over here, and all are looking for some celebrations this dark season. With the advent of Christmas more and more shops are busy storing up a variety of decoration stuff, chocolates, candies and all the goodies. I guess it's time for me to gain some weight and I will surely not regret it. Food reminds me of the upcoming international dinner, my second occasion to participate in it. Let's see if I have lost my so claimed cooking skills or they are still in a dormant state. Let's see if I am able to bake some muffins or a may be a chocolate cake this time. With the cold weather coming up most of us tend to keep munching on some or the other food stuff kanel bullar are just the perfect with a coffee. Just keep a watch for those extra calories. The other things to keep a watch out are the coming celebration in the town. It seems this year the Swedish Iconic goat, the Gävle goat is going to have a little bit of hard time without the flame repellent coating.

What can be interesting for most of the international students is to get the feel of the Swedish way of celebrating Christmas. From where does one start it? Have a look at the variety of products in the shop and you know it then.



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