There are so many things to share with you all, but then you see my tentamen is coming up and I need to start studying. It's always OK, I can start it up tomorrow, but that tomorrow hasn't come as yet. It's just because I am going less to the school, zero to the library and full time in my apartment. So I move around, cook, have a power nap, a coffee break and then in the evening I have the mood not to study, hhmm that's the end of the day with little studies. That's so bad of me. It's always said, it's up to us to decide if we want to make good or bad use of a utility. I use my computer for reading and studying but when I want a break I get glued to the cartoons for endless hours. I know that's not sensible, but crazy mind.

But the walks are a good way to get the tiredness out of our mind and also lead to new discoveries. It was last Saturday that I had a small trek to Billengen, via a long route and way back I had my shopping errands. It was more than 8 Km walk and believe me it was worth it. The weather wasn't too sunny in the morning and the walking tracks on the top are just too much with lot of tall green plants keeping your company. The most soothing part was the clear sound of the water and the wind. It was time that I hear some natural soothing music, a way of self refreshing. The Saint Lukas Kyra happens to be the pride of Billengen. It's so peaceful that you can actually hear your heartbeat, your mind and soul speaking out to you. I met a family in there and they were very happy to see a student over there and a few words exchanged, you feel so good and social.

I always say that you should go for a walk, but why always. I believe it's a must for all, at times with a friend, just to share some experiences, at times with family which will strengthen the family bond and at times just alone; over here I do it mostly alone. That's the time I find answers to most of my riddles and complications. It soothes down my mental tension and then I can plan my work and further study plan according to this strategy. It's has almost the same effect as meditation on me. After a walk I am full of new positive energy and what more do I need for my study to keep going? Some of my walks end up in some stores and this time I saw that preparations for Christmas are on their way. The stores have a huge variety of special decorations and that reminds me of a similar festival, Diwali (the festival of lights) in India that's going to arrive in this month-end.

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