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It's the autumn colored plants that keep up the mood in this weather. I wanted to take some snaps of it, but it was always postponed until tomorrow and that tomorrow never came up, not even today. The leaves are half way fallen and I have no snaps to send any lovely pictures back at my home. Just that there no trees which show such vibrant colors as there isn't a special autumn weather as such. Another difficult situation was when I couldn't get inside the G hus. I have a new security card but never was there any reason to work after school hours and last evening I know that I have not activated my card, a new discovery after a month. Yesterday we were chatting and then there was a friend of mine desperately waiting for the snowing to start, the reason she has never seen it before. That was me a few months before when I landed in Skovde. I wanted to play in the snow and bowl some huge bombs at my friends. Walking in the snow I would say is not so fun. It was pitch dark at 7.30 and I was dragging my 40 Kg bags on my first day in Skovde. The chilled air was fine but after a few meters I was sweating and wanted to take off my jacket, but what's the use I grew cold again. But now I feel that cloudy weather with a bit of chill wind is the most perfect weather for a trek to Billengen.

It was my plan to trek last Sunday but my staying up late on Saturday night made it a difficult situation on Sunday. I think I should have started my report on time. This semester it's more of home study and then when I am at home I never have the urge to study. I always plan to study in the library but am equally lazy to walk up till there, damm it's going to show up on my grades. Also I did not completely listen to the wise advice of taking only two courses for this first period. I opted for three, so now I have no weekends or much of free time just assignment life is what I have. It's an ever growing list of things I want to do, the foremost being having a complete day off without any thoughts of studies. If not the assignments then it's some web browsing that I do and then I am hooked on with it for hours. In short I am living a pre-matrix life with my computer. Honestly I would have being more organized without my laptop, trekking to the computer A hus would have kept me out of this web addiction. The only creative use of this computer is I found a few shops in Skovde which most students never cared for and as a gift I gifted myself a baby plant. It feels pleasant to have some living being with you !!

The night's alive with 3 courses !!                     That's my self- gift

Happy autumn !!


Postat av: Madhuri


Though it appears tough job to have three courses at a time, mark my words its worth taking this hard task. It pays back in due time:) Its so interesting to learn immuno and tumour both, how can one opt for only one! But dont take exams together, leave one for next term.

By the way its good to see this lamp, keep it burning!!!


2008-10-06 @ 14:22:52
Postat av: madhuri

Hey Namita,

Why my comments to your blogs dont get registered???

The message comes in swedish after posting comment so i dont understand what is teh problem?

2008-10-08 @ 05:35:25
Postat av: Namita

That's just a check point so that no one posts any unwanted matter on our university page. Why didn't you use the online translation? It's not so good but not so bad either :)

2008-10-09 @ 17:37:03
Postat av: namita

I forgot to say, I had the same problem , but now I know the tracks of uploading images in swedish websites.

2008-10-09 @ 17:38:41

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