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Mamma I wanna be a pilot!! The next day it is becoming a doctor or a sportsperson. That's what we all said as kids. It was an attraction and fascination for a particular profession.  Many a times it's just the attraction for the uniform that attracts us. I always had a dream of wearing the white coat, so a physician professor sounded just perfect for me. But then when I knew that I may have to see some human dissections I backed off. But the white coat was my dream. Little by little I realized that yes there are other professions where you can wear the white coat, for instant a scientist. So now I get to use the white coat when I am in the lab. As I said previously in the A,B,C,D we are kept very busy I feel like running out of this field as well.

So then what else I could have been if not pursuing science? When I see so many students developing a dislike for a particular subject and hoping onto other it makes me ponder did they not waste their years on a subject?  But I also appreciate their step in taking a firm decision about changing their study courses and trying to seek new interest. At times not many are bold enough to take this decision. It is the feeling and fear that the years will be lost and also getting employed latter in the life or even social stigma. Some believe that they can eventually survive it and ultimately get a job. But are we then not cheating ourselves and others as well? Ourselves because of the feeling that"I wish my life was perfect. I wish I was painter. I wish..... " and then the unfulfilled wish list continues. Some are unhappy with the job they get because of their previous undesired qualifications which means that they won't be contributing all their skills honestly to the work. Some elderly think that after an age limit you have to compromise because of your responsibilities, rarely does anyone say "Dare it"

The ultimate consequence is suffocation. Then why not take the dream profession as a hobby. It makes you feel really relaxed and keeps you in high spirits. Wondering why I am saying all this? Many a times I said that I wanted to learn photography. That was not just a said sentence. I gave it a serious thought and that's how I release my tension these days. When I am stressed out I walk away with my camera and try different experiments. My skills may not be that of a professional photographer but I love the pictures I take and may be this is what my hidden mind always wanted to be. After all one of my professor rightly said"In today's competitive world loosing an opportunity can cost you very dearly, after all there has is a need of some compromise".

Don't these pictures make your heart happy ??


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thats true , i did the same and by the way nice pictures

2008-09-20 @ 10:42:40

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