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I have no clue from where do I start. It's all a jumble -mumble (my word for confusion in head). It's actually about some cartoon characters. It's the semester that's catching up and then the end of the festival season. Ohh I forgot to tell that there is an Indian festival in the apartment where I stay. It will end on Sunday, that's tomorrow. These many years I have observed that the entire year it's some or the other festival in some part of the world. Was it some religious matter a way to bind people socially? Well may be both, depending on what you believe. But festivals do bring some refreshment and some spark in the monotonous life. It's just another way to relax mentally by interacting with old and making new friends. New friends..... many new students joined this semester and it is fun where you can actually meet up people and befriend them. I just was scanning a letter and there were two guys waiting for their turn. Since the machine was talking a bit while we started chatting. A few more couple of meetings in the school and that was it.

Even in the apartment corridor we meet up new students. It's a cold feeling sometimes as to who will break the ice first. At times I was not so bold or even not bothered about who is next to me. But since the time I am back I have become more talkative and expressive. So any new face I try to greet with smile. I tried to self analyze why do people become so expressive at times and very silent the next time. Although I am not good with psychology I think it's the mood that brings in all the changes in you. If you are sad or feeling lonely then you tend to be an introvert, as against when you happy you express all your feeling without hesitation.  Many believe that at times it is the planet positions which influence your mood. That's how the sun and moon sign came into existence.

I know in this modern world if I say such things I will be declared as a stupid. But many people still believe in it. Rather many can guess your zodiac sign by just analyzing your behavior. I didn't believe it for a long time but then when I met a really bossy person and co-related it with his birthday I knew some things are not just gossips but true at times. So the next time we see a very moody person be sure it's a crabby, just like me.


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Hey Namita,

How about few pics from Ganesh festival???

I would love to see how you celebrated.

anyways its good to see you guyes are maintaining the tradition:)

Take care.

2008-09-16 @ 07:38:55

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