Back on wheels

Gott nytt år, rather a belated happy new year. Belated as I wanted to see and move around to see what the new year celebration is and with no internet life has come to a speed of 30 km/hr rather than 100 km/hr with the internet ON for all the awake hours. I am enjoying it as I am now more focused and organized on my work and study. Even my (time pass; passing away time) tp over the internet has come down to zero.  When I come to the A building I know that the work list has to be completed before my stomach asks me for food. I was just trying to connect my camera to the computer with my mobile USB to get the pictures. Long back I had forgotten that it's no use without the software.

I was pretty bad at night photography but managed to get one of the clock tower. The fire works were a splendid sight and the most important thing about them was being less smoky. That's what can make you enjoy their beauty for a longer time. Ultimately I decided to give up my trials to get good pictures and instead decided to enjoy the fireworks instead.  My best spot was to put my self high near the post office from where I could get a view of most of the fire works and enjoy them one after the other. The fun went on for almost an hour and wishes were screamed and equally greeted from the other end of the crowd.

The New Year resolution is ‘Let go', some things are just meant to be left at a specific point and we should stop pondering on why they happened like that. So just learn from them and move ahead. The most disappointing story is zero snow for the New Year. Finally it's back to day one, day one of work in 2009. Except for studying for my coming exam and preparing my lab report there isn't much that I have in college. This hopefully should be my last exam because after doing a master's for a second time I have lost patience of classroom study. Now it's time for some real action. Wrong experiments leading to some fantastic discoveries, that's the best way to experiment and learn science. Let's see what I do in the upcoming time for my thesis.



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