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Did you think I quit blogging? Not at all, rather I enjoy doing it. It was just that I was preparing for my play exam. The assignments are now just a part of my life, so I have ultimately stopped complaining about them. Well the one I just mentioned was a general, general knowledge quiz. It was on Bellingen. Since it was my second trip I was successful in discovering some shortcuts to reach the top. You have to walk to the next question and ultimately you walk up to two Km, that's approximately 1.24 miles. I learned that it is held every Sunday and the winner is honored. Although all the questions were in Swedish the walking groups were kind enough to translate them for me in English. I am not sure if I was happy after reading the answers. Then there was a hair dressing meeting and wow...I got to see many hairstyles and that too some colorful. I discovered that you are allowed to fish with a valid card and that too not more than a few; I guess that must be to keep the balance. Every time I miss out my way and this time I was no good. But it was good in a way as I discovered that there are some families staying up over there. I actually never thought that anyone will like to stay in a jungle. They actually own a piece of some forest land and they were busy cleaning and planting some new plants. They were so eager for the summer to arrive. I guess everyone does like the weather a bit more bright. Even my friends say if it were their choice they will like to have summer through out the year.

With the advent of summer there is cricket being played in the campus and I got the undisclosed news that there is going to be a cricket tournament. Good luck for all the teams. Hey there is a cirkus coming up on this 20th. I wish there are no animal tricks being played. They look good in their homes and forcing them to do tricks for our amusement is no fun. It feels so inhuman. If I were a talking and writing animal like Tarzan's chimpanzee I would have written an article describing how it hurts. I never understand why snow and sun can't co-exist through out the year. It's fun to play and beat others by snow balls. I find one incidence very amusing. I thought that jogging was reserved only for morning and at times evenings. But here every hour of the day I see someone jogging. Well it's more important to maintain your spirit rather than skip the day's work out.

On the day of international dinner I encountered a hidden work out style. Salsa..a spicy flavor. It is in a sense really cooool dance. A fast-fast- slow or other type of dancing beats. Its origin is a subject of dispute as it is a fusion type of dance and it has many styles in different countries. The food over there was really delicious and so was the entire program. Such parties should be done more often. The dancers weren't tired at all even after fifteen minutes of vigorous dance and all were made to dance to the tune, a big train.


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