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I was thinking why things are not the way we want them to be. May be this is life. It was a learning experience to correct my reports. Rather it was a good formatting exercise for me. Today I just got a chance to barely get out of them. Now I know Microsoft Office a bit more in detail. Sitting in the A block doing that was a pain in the back exercise. I just wish I had a laptop. But in a way it is good, I dedicate my time strictly towards my studies as against when I am at home. Yes I call my apartment as a home, may be because I want to have a feel good feeling when my friends are moving to their home country during summer. That reminds me that my post is yet to come from India. Daily I keep peeping into it to see if I have a message from the post office. Just disappointment pops up. May be I will get it this week. Hope so!! The last gift that I received turned up in a really battered condition. Yes a battered condition. Thanks that it was not a fragile gift, or else I would have taken the kids help to fix up the jigsaw puzzle.

This week was a pretty nasty week. Well nothing was working really fine. The store from which I get my regular fruits just has decided that I shouldn't be eating any more pears. The prices are just rising without the quality turning better. It was actually unwilling to pay for the semi dead pears. This really screwed me up and so walked for another fifteen minutes. This new store had better quality pears in lesser price. I think I have to survey the shops which store better quality products for the best prices. That will make me parade around Skövde. My next headache was finding proper fitting shoes. I like the designs but my feet was either too large or too small to fit into them. I always have to compromise on the designs. Ancient Chinese custom was to bind the girl's feet so that she can have beautiful lotus feet. I wish I could do that now to my over strong feet so that I get them into my favorite design shoes. Then there are some other forms of beautification like having a long neck in women when metal is wound around the neck and also scarification in men. I want to try a tattoo, not a permanent one. I need chance in life, it's inevitable for everyone. That's why I think I like to rearrange my room every single month. That adds a freshness to my over all happy mood.

A nice idea was passed to me for catching sleep with the early morning day break, a time and energy saving economic method. Just pull a dark colored cap over your eyes. I tried that out and it really worked for me although my bizarre biological clock woke me up. Good luck with sleeping.



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