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Chaos!! That's all what I can say about my time management and my report writing. My results seem to be popping up but not really very prominent, may be really good when I leave from here. That's sad and happy feeling. I have heard to gain sometimes you have to loose. What did I loose? Not much, just on night's sleep. But that was worth it I should say. I could loosen myself and have a nice small picnic on Saturday. I should say Sweden is really a very safe country. My Thursday night in the lab was not a bit scary or worried situation. The online music and the coffee machine kept me alive throughout the night. That was my first coffee in my lab. That does sound weird but sometimes you have to keep away from your favorite drinks and food.

Just imagine, you are the only person in the lab and the corridor lights go of suddenly. Oops that's not a really good sign, but it does happen especially during weekends and nights because of the concept of timer associated with the switches. Taking care that I do not dose off during early hours of the day I had a small walk in the corridor and a shadow was walking towards me from the other end of the corridor. I thought it was my last breath but once it came into light I discovered it was just another crazy head who wanted to start the work in the middle of the night. So that proves I am not the only nut and also that sometimes you need to confront the situation just to avoid any misconceptions. Even phobias under expert advice can be got rid off in such a fashion. I tried to overcome my phobia of bats by looking bravely at their images but that wasn't too much of a successful story. I just had a bad landing on my wrist when I jerked out of a nightmare.

About Saturday, it was just a perfect weekend, a much deserved day when after two months you know you have some successful results. The trip started with a not so long drive then to a small castle with a Swedish guided tour (I did not catch a single word tough) and a small shop with many fabulous glass articles. My most liked one was the glass painting on the plate. They looked really very elegant with some modern art and a city painted in them. That does require a lot of patience, to paint every detail with a very nice stroke. Just wonder how much time it will take to paint a canvas, if you have your course work and other daily activities to be taken care of?

Wonderful glass paintings may be they are looking for a house 


A time journey to the olden golden days of the glory

Waiting to be in Skövde


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Timers should be set for long duration with light. I used to put daily newspapares, I used to start at 2.30 in the midnight. It was scary when light goes off exactly when you are on the turn of stairways in a very old building and the next switch to the light is out of reach.

But yes I do agree Sweden is the most safest place I know of.

2008-08-26 @ 11:26:08

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