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It was a party time for me and my colleagues. It seems that I am having a lot of party time in here, but that's not true I work out my experiments during late during the weekdays so, no worries that my work is affected or so. Some of my friends tried the real hot and spicy red Indian chilly and they had a nice tasty tongue affair setting them on fire. It took almost fifteen minutes for them to normalize back to room temperature. I didn't have the spirit to eat the chilly raw, but they had the real spirit.  Its sports time again. Now it's time for a sports team spirit and cheering up the players for their tough task.

Everyone is really enthusiastic about the Olympics. That's what I am doing since the Friday evening. At times I feel the warm blood rush through my veins when I see the different Olympic events. They are nostalgic, just making you remember your school and college sports events. I was just reading about some of the players and their sports life. They have real dedication and perseverance for the sport. No wonder when they win a medal for their country they cry tears of joy. I tried a couple of them in school but never wanted to pursue them as a career. I never could stand the long practice sessions and the tiring and equally boring warm ups.  Especially if I have to get up early during the monsoon or the winter it's a strict NO. The most mental torturing event is the strict diet regime. I wonder how the youngest of the Olympic players as teenagers controlled their taste buds demands. The games are much safer these days. Even for a single muscle injury you have immediate medical attention. But that wasn't the case when gladiators were competing. The worse situation was during the lion or an alligator fight. It was a do or die situation.

The more I looked into the different articles the more I learned about the Olympics culture, mascots and the different host countries. Mascot designing is also very interesting. Every time there is a different mascot. That's a lot of brain work as well as creativity involved in it. My guess is kids would be best at this work. They have all sorts of real good innovative ideas and also the most fantastic designs for the aliens. Having tried my patience at animation I have to admit you need real brains and a good mood to get the best design. If you happen to be in an angry mood your cartoons are all angry looking demons. Last night I watched "The Little Mermaid" and I should admit the detailing of the ocean floor was to the maximum. I just wanted to throw a tantrum on Friday as my results were not coming up. Maybe I should have a bit more of tolerance power.


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India won gold medal:):)

Thanks to Abhinav Bindra, the ACE shooter.

2008-08-13 @ 07:44:28

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