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Oh my God! Finally it´s all over. Tomorrow it´s my last working day. I have many things to do before I fly; actually I am falling short of time but somehow I am getting an empty feeling. I have known this feeling twice before but then I had secured a job in another company that to without a day´s break. But now I am really sad that I will miss all my colleagues and most important thing is I have submitted my identity card. I was really fond of carrying it around my neck. When I got saturated I used to either keep tugging it or tug other´s cards. Of course not hard enough for them to choke! And worst of all I lost my official e-mail address. I was addicted to it since that was the only means of communication with the outside world during my office hours. I am sure I want to be a student but I think the transition is going to be a bit difficult. I have the habit of bossing around and now I have to follow orders. Oh! Why can´t life be as simple as we want it? Once we have electricity power shut down and we ran out of back up. Since we couldn' t do much referencing we had actually played our school days sports for almost 4-5 hours. It was good for refreshing our minds but the next day we were greeting each other with OOOH--AAAH--OOUCH. Our muscles were depleted of oxygen and glucose and then gradually stiffened. Our fingers ached even for a mouse click.
To be honest I have learned quite many things in the last few years. My work has inculcated in me patience, endurance, optimism, work planning, and punctuality. It has also increased my capacity to bear unwanted team-mates' existence. I remember how I used to abhor nagging team mates, but since I couldn't pound them I learned to tolerate their existence. I should confess yoga and meditation has helped me a lot to get over my impatient habit.

The work culture can sometimes be so systematic. I have ascended and descended a minimum of hundred steps (that?s a good exercise) to obtain a minimum of ten different signatures. After that I gobbled up my entire lunch. This reminds me of the students trying to get used to do their own work. It's hard for many students to cope with studies, laundry, part time job and cooking. Thankfully I have this experience since last two years, only that I was working more and studying less. I have learned healthy quick simple recipes. I enjoy trying my hypothesis about food flavour combination. May be you can try this.
Stir fry finely chopped garlic; add cleaned boneless chicken and when this is half cooked add some soya sauce. You are bound to like it. Of course cook the meat completely to avoid any gastric upsets.
Disclaimer: This message is intended for the exclusive use of students. Taste is a matter of personal taste buds perception. So if the above theory (hypothesis approved by me!!) doesn't suit you please do not try it on others or yourself.

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hi ,

nice one, i love the indian food

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