Missing you!


            Hello again! I am a bit sad. Today is India's Republic Day and I am really missing my country. This day there is a lot of patriotic atmosphere in schools, colleges and all the organizations. In schools and colleges flag hoisting is followed by speeches about the freedom fighters who had laid down their lives for our country. It takes much of dedication, strong will power and determination to devote your entire life for the country. Who knows when the worst of the situation can arise. It gives me goose bumps even thinking about this. I wish to dedicate my life to science. Inculcating any good quality is really very difficult and even more difficult is continuing it without any negative alteration, even under worst situation.


             I went around Skovde, just hoping to brighten up my mood. Today for the first time I saw motor-bikes. They had too much of horse power pumped up in it. Once I get a steady hold on myself I will let you know about the student life in Skovde. That will be a Skovde tour for all the global students.


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