Part of my via Vienna journey


            Wow what a lovely time it was in Vienna. I had not actually liked the take-off part of my plane journey but it was very much comfortable than what I had expected. I actually expected my stomach to expel out all the food but thankfully I wasn't left hungry. My tension was relieved by  constant deep breathing. My co-passenger was really tensed about sitting next to me. I was a bit skeptical about European food but after tasting it I should admit it was extremely tasty. I enjoyed keeping a track of my flight and was rarely got to see the stars and harbor. When I finally landed in Vienna I froze up. But then I had to see the city and off I was in the train. The local people are so friendly and extremely helpful. They helped me out with the ticket vending machine and also with the directions. You can catch a glimpse of some very nice ancient churches and splendid architecture. My grey cells are very weak so I can't actually recollect which places these are but they are some where in Vienna city. Thanks to everyone I didn't board the train in the wrong directions. It's no fun speaking in sign language and its even more difficult understanding it.

  I captured the details of this fine work.

  Any guess about the height of the building? Hint: Even my zoomed camera lens failed to capture the entire picture.
          Finally when I boarded the my plane to Gothenburg I felt so cramped up because of the small plane size. Thankfully I didn't suffer from any jet lag. After landing I had the same problem. Language and currency exchange. My all travel experiences are very good. A good gentleman helped me to withdraw Swedish currency and then another one helped me with the train ticket and guided me to my train and compartment. The worst of all feeling was the daylight times. I am not used to seeing dark after 7.00 A.M even on worst coldest Indian days. My first question to my co-passenger was when does the day break? It was be frank a gloomy feeling. I mean rest is fine but it's a real nasty feeling not to see the bright daylight when you are up. It was a great muscle building exercise of dragging my extra baggage weight till my apartment and that to at 7.30 AM. I had a flash back of the comforts in India.

            My greatest disappointment was the snow. I had expected too much of it but there was none. Ek katra tak nahi (not even a single bit of it). Just few hours after the day began, again it started turnimg dark.That was it! I wanted to cry out. After the perception of dark via my retina my stomach wanted some food, and this is going on till date. It's not that I am really hungry it's only the feeling. So except my stomach rest of body follows GMT+1hr time zone. That reminds me of cooking. I am getting used to cook canned food. It doesn't taste that bad. Now I am going to try the oven, the only prerequisite is I need to understand the Swedish instructions or else I might blow it up.


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