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Today I am a ghost wandering in the lab. It seems that I have lost all my sleep, I barely sleep these days the maximum of two hours or so. The only reason I go back to my apartment is for fetching some frozen food, which I have boiled over the weekend with some salt, soya sauce and pepper. May be I should shift my cooking to lab and try to fetch whatever sleep I get in the resting room. There is a small room with a bed in it so if one is not well or is really stressed out then you can just have a quick and cozy nap. I think every office and a college should have such a place, so that students don't struggle to keep their eyes open.

Last night I just tried to grow some sort of nasty modified bacteria and I bet research is lot of patience. It is so stressful to get the results and that funny thing just refused to grow. If it had been mice then making it eat what you want is easy. I worse of the cases an IV works best. So now I am clue less what is stopping the bacteria from growing. There is a really very funny cartoon just behind my working bench. It is what can be a devastating thing for a smaller group of bacteria. May be a similar situation happens when we walk in the jungle. Joe Johnston tried imagining just a situation and directed ‘Honey I shrunk the kids' way back in 1989. It still is a favorite among the kids. Talking about the movies there are many bollywood (Indian Hollywood) movies played in South Africa. Many of my neighbor students hear to the Indian music I play and ask me to what new movies are released. They recollect seeing action packed Indian movies in their childhood. They even remember their names.


I did say about the cherries and I can play no more pranks trying to make my friends eat red yet raw sour cherries. Now they are really red and taste yummy. This is what I like most in Sweden. Apple, pear and cherry plants almost everywhere. I had my eye on one of the cherry plant near the main entrance of our school. Last weekend I had been to museum and a bell and old ammunition. The firing stuff now can't even blow up a balloon which a toddle was trying so very badly. The park just opposite to the road was having a real sad look with no one to visit it. The water fall was so soothing to the ears that it felt better to listen to it rather than to listen to music. Some things are just so unpredictable over here. The pedestrian road crossing in the city center always have a small rabbit pet shown in it. But I have never seen any on have a rabbit or a hare as a pet. Strange things!!

The empty park                      Blow it up                Only allowed to cross with a rabbit

Have a great day..

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hi , sometimes I see my colonies in dreams , so try to sleep

2008-07-06 @ 12:24:50

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