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Wondering why I was late this week? It's my not so good friend the sun who is troubling me over and over. It is thirty degrees and it really makes me drained out. It feels like more than forty in India. Everyone is so happy that it is sunny and not snowing and try to be out as much as possible and I try to be indoors always trying to shied myself from the radiations. I think I already have too much of tanned skin and then why to tan it up again, but here everyone thinks it feels good to tan it up. It actually surprises everyone that I like it when it snows. May be we all desire for the things that we never have. The northern most part of Sweden happens to have extreme cold during the winter. Many think it is a sort of punishment to survive there during the winter. But since I have always seen the sun and no snow I think it is a good experience to experience all the seasons. That's when you can actually admire the nature truly.

 Even some of the cosmetics have some tanning properties in them. But most of the creams that I use are pigment lightening agents in them, just to retain my complexion. No just this but even the lactic pins vary from country to country. That's really annoying when you have to plug an electrical appliance got from other country. I was biking for two consecutive days to find a cable that was compatible with European electrical system. Now that's quite annoying. A close elative of mine used to travel a lot and every time he travelled he used to cay the different adaptors with him. He had more than four different types of them nicely displayed like antiques. There was a universal adaptor but it was costing a fortune and then there was no student discount as well. I think it will be a better marketing strategy if all the stores have some minimal discounts for the students.

It was an unlucky day for me. I am here working all the while and my experiment doesn't work at all. May be that's why the term re-search has been formulated. You keep digging for the root cause of the problem. I always just remind myself to have some patience. There is a wise note: There is dignity in simplicity and success of perseverance.



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2008-07-30 @ 07:45:41

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