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It's so nice to find out the cause of the problems at times. It feels more like a victory, better than getting the results at times. It actually reduces the wok. I am happy that I actually found out what the cause of my wrong results was. So now I have to devise some new strategies to get my things working. It feels good for the brain exercise. Exercise reminds me of hiking and biking. I did not go too may places for hiking but now that I have secured a bike I will surely visit the places. I get to see too many motor bikes and also people carrying their bikes on their cars. That is a funny sight. Sometimes the bikes are high on the car top like a crown at times dangling at the back of the car. But I should admit it is a great exercise. It did make me pretty starved on the first day. I realize that wearing a helmet always to much safe. When I bike at high speed I feel unsafe and feel that I may hurt myself if at all I fall off. Maybe the more secure you are the more you care for yourself. Here the cycle lanes are different so there is actually nothing to fear, but still. But now on weekends it will be much better I suppose. I can do my shopping errands without bothering to drag the heavy bags.

When I had to walk I always saw the cars ferry their boats, water bikes, and all water vehicles on and behind their car. May be the cars were used more for the transportation of the vehicles rather than for a drive. Last night I saw a cruise, although a mini one. At times my lab seems to be a perfect messed up house. The labcoats lying on the benches, the references al messed up in the pile. At times hunting one piece of the most wanted note is a task in itself. But then if this is how great brains work. Since today I am alone in the lab it is my experience and my brain that I want to put the most at task. I am the only soul moving here, and hope that I do get what I desire to. At these times I always remember my time in Skövde. How we were being watched up at every minute, so that we achieve perfection. May be this is what I helping me to sustain in this lab. Oh I forgot to tell you my photography skills are getting great. Can you guess which the bridge is and which is the reflection?

Which side up?                 Lonely like me !!                Great going

Happy summer!!


Postat av: Madhuri

Hej Namita,

Great photoes...

And its always nice to read your blogs though i dont comment regularly:(

I am missing the beautiful Sweden here in India.

2008-07-14 @ 08:17:54

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