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Finally I am out of the lab, may be I was a bit too hard on myself. So I am on a short one day trip to one of the beautiful places in Sweden, Stockholm. I say it as one of the beautiful places and not the most beautiful place as I have not started Uppsala sight seeing and not completed Skövde as well. But now with the bike already in a ready to go state I am always planning a visit. The cheapest and the most convenient way to visit the city is with a map in your pocket and a tourist guide book. The first destination from the city terminal was Stockholm tourist center. The Stockholm card is so easy that you just have to forget about paying any cash for the visits in different museums and public transport. It is not just the places that I enjoyed but also the trams, a boat ride and a just for fun metro ride. May be next time I should plan a three day tourist trip with a youth hostel booking. It is really economic and convenient. A single day isn't enough to cover the entire city.

You think of toys, public transport and animals or any other thing and you have a museum or a zoo ready for it. On my short list was the Vasa museum, the museum dedicated only for an old ship and all its sailors. The time you enter the museum it takes you on a time machine tour, you are transferred decades back and you start feeling a part of the ship. The sail, shoes even the serving spoons are preserved; not to mention the skeletons and the statues. With the perfect light settings you feel that some one is staring back at you from the ship.

Then came the time for the merry-go-round walk in the zoo. But it was worth it as the aquarium is a not to miss trip in Skansen. The saying that all that glitters isn't gold holds true even for animals. The striking colores of the frogs and spiders in the perfect micro environment was a sight to see. Even the most delicate of the sea animals were happily thriving in the tanks. It felt as if I was in deep sea. We won a lottery during the zoo visit. I won it during the second chance, but I am might happy about my small momentum of Stockholm. Oh I wish there was more time for me to discover the entire city. But one thing I have experienced is that without a map you are lost in the city. Unlike Skövde the city is quite confusing with the same numbered buses having different destinations.

I believe that if I start describing all my adventure it will be more like an essay and surely blogging isn't to make you feel bugged up. My only job is to make you curious and visit Stockholm. If you are in Sweden and don't plan to visit Stockholm before you plan your departure then I think you are missing a really good chance. Maybe I have some more luck to visit all the places.

Start of the trip                  The momemtum                 Vasa sailing

The owly story                       The end of the trip :(


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I am planing to come stockholm, so impressed by ur blog.

2008-07-20 @ 20:42:30

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