Why only me?

At times I wonder why only me? It can happen at some other times or may be not all the accidents in a single day. Last evening I actually knew the practical meaning of research. I was on the wrong path, my biggest blunder I did not refer back to my problem to be solved. That was a learning experience, but I lost my time and also felt like a stupid, rather the most stupid student. The only way to make up or it was to redo the entire work.

It is so unfair especially when you plan a great day to work and hope for he best results. Morning I discover that my sample vials have just vanished into thin air, then I have to redo the experiment while consumes half of my day. There is no way except to redo if I go wrong. The next blow is when you discover your other set of experiments will take the rest of the day and at the end of the day it is none of the results are visible.

Just to take mind off the entire trouble when I plan to go shopping it starts thundering and pouring. My aged brain didn't think of carrying an umbrella as well. Now the situation is like that I cannot work in the lab, nor can I move out and take care of my shopping or laundry. Just stuck up in the middle! How I hate this situation. I just decide to sneak out and then it pours heavier and worsens my mood. I think it will feel better if I go and scream out in a bit of isolation. That should soothe my brain I guess. May be a cup of coffee with some chocolate muffin is the perfect snack for this evening.

The only happiest incidence was the group lunch; since I did not cook nothing went wrong. I should say it was lucky for my colleagues that they were not left hungry. It is the only time when we all take our brains off the lab work and chat about horses, bikes, snakes and a lot of things including sports. This sure is a way to know more about the things around you and also about what your friends are good at.

I think eventually I will have to copy some nice recipe some day. That sure will be a great tension for me. I never ever understood why we place so much of emphasis on eating tasty food. Why can't we just have a carbohydrate, a protein and fat capsules like we have for multivitamin and calcium? It will save much trouble of trying to grow food, harvest, store, buy and most of all cook food. May be more research should be made on this crazy idea so we all have a much simpler life or may be we shouldn't have any taste buds so what ever and however it is cooked it will not be a great problem to eat. The wild animals are never so choosy about their food then why should we be?

What do eat ?                    I like this wild diet

...Namita... The greatest wild eater

Postat av: Madhuri

Hej Namita,

You are looking stressed yar, just relax.

I know its easier said than done when you stcuk in the experiment but just take a good break and start fresh. It helps to give differnt angle to look at the problem.

Have a nice weekend.

2008-08-02 @ 05:38:43

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