Holidays !!

Really jolly time!! Finally I had a not so long but sufficient holiday to re-energize myself. Now I am fully geared for my new courses. They need more of group activity rather than individual study. My first Easter was really an unforgettable day. Yellow and all the colors felt more than their usual brightness. All the kids were having a gala time painting the eggs and playing with the clowns. I also felt like a kid and almost hugged the clown. The entire atmosphere was euphoric and energetic. I wonder how Christmas time is going to be. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy most of the egg preparations, thanks to my not so good immune system. Then there was a cruise to Finland which many fortunate friends of mine were able to enjoy. Some like me were unfortunate enough to put their feet on the ship because of house full seats.

Sometimes having an adamant nature helps you to move various places. I searched for the nearest tourist spot and discovered about the lake in Jonkoping. My research says many municipalities in the area receive their drinking water directly from Vättern. It's a nice place to visit. Just one day trip from Skövde!! Start off early in the morning with some sandwiches, chocolates, juice and water in your back pack. Wear your warm clothing and goggles and start off with a camera. I have experienced that the sun rays are quite bad over here. The sun never actually goes over our head and then it stays at an angle which directly pierces your eyes. My camera helped me to capture the most exciting pictures. You can see a really interesting spray painting on a rubbish bin. I really appreciate the minute details in the painting. This is certainly not the work of a naive painter. The more I walked the more I discovered the city and really liked it. Some of the old buildings are really worth watching and then there is a very small stone map of the city. I erased the photograph while trying to learn the settings of my camera. I am so bad with the gadgets that I have recently deleted the songs play list from my cell phone. I am really lazy even to try to fix it up. The small but very elegant houses by the lake side were a real site to watch. It felt so much like coastal Indian place. The most amusing thing that I found was that there was a single boat. I read that there are many fish varieties (my mouth is really watering) in the lake and I think so you don't even need a license for fishing, please confirm this before you bait the fishing rod.

First april is approaching and I am going to fool someone for sure and going to have a hearty laugh, off course not to offend my friends. It's an age old tradition and I am not going to break the tradition. Also the international dinner is coming up and I am totally confused about what to cook. I hate cooking and survive only on bread-butter at times. It's a better idea to browse for a quick but tasty Indian recipe, just to avoid any unpleasant events.

Lovely piece                   Peeping into lake         Snapshot of Vattern

....Still more to come.......

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nice snaps , i think u have nice holidays

2008-04-06 @ 14:07:58

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