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Eureka, I ultimately got them in my plates. Well I am not talking about some favourite food but about my successful laboratory result. I can't imagine I had to work  for more than a week just to get a recombinant bacteria grow. But I am happy that I got some of them growing so that I can show them up in my lab report. It gave immense satisfaction about the morning jogging to the laboratory

That reminds me of my golden old days. Start the laboratory with washing the glassware autoclaving the required stuff, prepare the solutions and then work out (cycle continues for n number of times). Here all the stuff was ready to use and very handy but when I heard the price my jaw just dropped. It's not just the cost of an experiment that I am really worried about, I think of how all the waste is recycled. That reminds me of the frequent use of paper towels in all aspects of life. We just use it for a second and discard it. Did we ever think of how many trees are needed to sacrifice for these paper towels? It's a complex intertwined process with more aspects added up to it. All of them contribute to the global warming in some or the other way. Is this the reason for the warmest winter in Sweden? It's the right time to think.

Within a week I have got my exams, which makes my head spin a lot at times. I question why we have to appear for a theory exam. After all it is practical knowledge that counts. The scientist isn't just going to make blunders like adding water to the acid. I have done that myself and got some blisters, but a chemistry book never advised me on acid dilution procedure. Experience is the best teacher, under the vigilant eye of the laboratory supervisor. If I happen to be some higher post authority in a university I will try my best to rule out the written exams. The sickening part is to study for the whole day, try to get the things typed on your grey cells, copy and cut them in the answer paper. So much of energy wastage of the students. The best part will be if the knowledge is implemented in practical knowledge. A rank holder is not always the best scientist. Archimedes had the easiest idea just out of his head and not from a book.

GD (Group discussion) or GS (Group study) is the best way to get the concepts quickly glued up in your head. I thought till date that what I thought was perfectly correct. But when I heard others comment and discuss on it, I realized my mistake. I was wrong and so were they at places. At times it used to turn into heated debates, but that is better than having wrong conceptions.

My tummy is really empty and I am going to refuel it by the tasty ready to eat food (My friends are more tensed about my exam and keep cooking for me :)). My digital camera isn't just feeling very good, once I get it fixed up I am going to walk around Skovde and make my blog look really very professional.


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