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Rain-rain go away little Jonny wants to plays. I guess all kids must be singing this song or a similar song in Swedish. The weather is not at all pleasant and actually it makes me confused. What to wear? A light summer jacket with a cap or a raincoat or carry an umbrella? I guess both wear a summer jacket and carry an umbrella. Saves you from both. It was a busy week and I had to reschedule my plans for the party. There's a secret to celebrate. Nothing just that the weather is good and I wanted to have a barbeque party in Bellingen. But it seems that the school has decided that the students should have a long party time in summer not anywhere before that. The results for the exams before Easter are just declared and there's other round of exams just popping up. It's better in a way that they finish once for all and I can plan a Europe trip. Sounds good!! A nice, deserved holiday. It's hard to digest that it's being more than four months that my school has started, it feels like only a month ago that I have landed in Gothenburg and then traveled to Skövde. That reminds me that I have to get my residence permit extended. I wish I can extend that for few years so that I can enjoy all cities in Sweden, especially the northern lights.

Days pass and so do habits. I am more on the internet these days. A bit of addiction I guess, or may be the only way to be connected back at home and with friends. At times I get up at immediately sit in front of the desktop. I wish there was a mini chat window in my hand, just carry it where ever you go. But that's making me loose my study time and also contributing to my ill health. The more I squat the more I am turning into an over healthy baby. I decide to change that, but just jogged for a day as my muscles kept aching and I am back to my bad habit. Maybe very soon the webpage will be filled up with more frequent blogs. At times I am really ashamed that how can I be so lazy and at times so choosy about certain things. The other day I chatted with my friend who also is an online social worker for the under privileged kids. She forwarded me a mail with just very contradictory images. We at times choose what to eat, wear, look, and also the bed types and all the luxuries. But some kids in this world have no choice. They eat what they get if any, wear the donated clothes and sleep on pavements when they are extremely tired from work or fatigue. I think that I am not contributing to the society. My future plans to become a scientist are more important or taking a week off from the entire year or not partying a weekend to help some needy is important. I think that I am getting such thoughts because I am feeling more matured human. Who knows?

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nice idea namita, we must help poor people

2008-05-22 @ 18:50:37

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