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There is famous saying among the Swedes, There is no bad weather, just bad clothes. True it's time again to get the winter wardrobe ready and tug in those really warm jackets, caps and boots. Many of the new students are having a countdown for the first glimpse of the snow. That's just natural for them if they haven't seen it before.  I was just the same way when I had come down to Sweden for the first time. It's amusing to see and feel the first snow, but surely not that good when you are out for some work.  There was a survey about different opinions asking about how to stay warm in winter. I will win the best suggestion award, just try to stay in the house as much as possible and work from home. Life is so easy when there are facilities to work from home, especially if you have to travel a long distance or there are kids to be taken care of. 14th november is children's day in India. How is it celebrated? Well kids receive sweets in the school and the senior students try to teach the juniors. It's a fun experience and especially when the elder kids have this teaching role they realize it's hard to grow up. But eventually we all have to decide our future and work on it. I realize how hard the world can be. Many of the courses require five months of dedicated thesis work and that's when the first blow comes. We realize how competitive the things are in our field of work.

Let's keep this tension talk away for this weekend and try to enjoy the not so good days. To get over my tension and enjoy my first autumn I will be travelling. The first thing before I start packing up is to check the weather so that I don't end in freezing down. Especially if travelling the northern parts I keep a check over the thermal wear to be packed. Even if it's only a weekend trip the baggage looks as if I am travelling for a week. Thanks to the bouncy wool. When I keep my eyes open I realize that at times Christmas time can be the best to shop around with discounts popping up now and then. Having a long Christmas vacation can be really very exciting especially if family get together or winter travel destinations are to be enjoyed. Is it a good idea to plan a trip to Kiruna for the northern lights this well in advance? Gud Jul.

Learning more about Swedish Christmas


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Vad har du hittat på idag då?

2008-11-14 @ 23:23:06
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Nice to see a comment which I could follow. For me everyday is a new discovery :)..That's the way I enjoy my life

2008-11-24 @ 10:23:52

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