The lab reports have started to come in for revision one by one and honestly speaking my lab partner is great. The number of comments and corrections are not as many as we had during the last semester. Yeah we are growing up and doing less of silly mistakes. I will put it down this way; it's a preparatory phage for writing scientific articles in the future. When I read any article and find that just the opposite results are obtained by another group for the same question then it becomes hard for me to understand the scientific reason behind it. When in immunology course the same experiment was performed by the lab supervisors they got different results. Who is incorrect, the students or the lab supervisors? May be that's why there is always a part called as discussion where you try to justify your results. The debates in any conference are really too good to listen.

The applied biotechnology course is what most students find interesting. Why? It's a place where you try to justify your opinion and try to oppose the others. This week it was a nice fire alarm so the session was interrupted. But playing in the first snow and enjoying the chills right down till the bones. Interestingly the session continued with more vigor and oppositions and supports. This is the time the students develop their communication skills and at times back off when they know they are wrong at times in their concepts.

Back on my way from market the Christmas tree was being erected in the market place. The market is also getting more shinny these days.  By the Christmas time the town is going to be completely lighted up in the dark winter days. Just one wish that there is some snow to add to the beauty. More and more Christmas offers are coming up and everyone is enjoying having these offers. And why not get the same quality goods at the least prices? I heard that the most fruitful time for shopping is around Christmas. The best offers are offered during this time and people start queuing up the shops. My first item to shop will be some nice typical Swedish gifts for my family, the reindeer and the crystals.

This week I was on hunt for some exotic meat and also turkey. But a single bird was more than 4 kilograms and I did not fancy brining it. I have tasted it only once so wanted to do it myself but   :(. The winter days are making me eat a lot even though I am not hungry and my weight count is just increasing. But it's alright if I can save myself from the chills. Try out the pepparkakor and other Christmas delicacies. I did get the forms for baking pepparkakor but it's difficult to push a lazy nut to bake it.

Trying my hand at beautification :)

Wintery Cheers,

Postat av: Valross

Well, it is quite beautiful, but it looks a bit to flammable for my taste :) Dont forget to check the batteries in your smoke detector :P

2008-12-03 @ 01:44:02
Postat av: Namita

Tack !

I look forward to my first Swedish Christmas. I put off the candles when I go out as there is no smoke detector inside my own apartment :).

2008-12-03 @ 15:22:47

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