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The power nap is a great concept. It rejuvenates you and freshens up your mind. Many work places recommend it as it increases the performance level of the employees. For me it increases my thinking capacity, but getting the hang over of an overlong siesta is just terrible. Drinking snap helps me, but very little. I need it badly. This week's schedule was a bit relaxed giving me a little time for myself and time for my applications for thesis. Well that's what is the top most priority of most of my class-mates. Finding a thesis position, a small start to their scientific career. I think it's a crucial decision to be taken and at times you have to compromise between many issues. But that's life, unlike shopping only our favorite things. The best start for applications is the negative replies. That's the way you know that someone really cares to read your e mail and that it wasn't deleted unread. It's the hope that one day you will get a positive reply keeps us peeping in our mail boxes after a couple of hours.

And then it starts, how to go there, how is the place like, when to go there and lots of anxieties bubbling in the mind. I think most start wondering at how things will be, especially the students who had not travelled the world much. The most bugging part is the visa processing and it's a nightmare with some countries strict rules. You never know when you can get a ‘No Entry'. All the best! Did anyone wonder why do most students have to do a thesis for more than four dedicated months? I think it's that the skill of the individual person is tested, and furthermore developed so one day you can have the independent decision talking capacity. That's what many lack, proper decision at proper times. Even when I was in Uppsala I had to keep pestering my guide about most of the things and that was when I realized how difficult it is to guide someone. On top this you never know when a student can pop up with any question.

This is what I learned in here: there are no stupid questions, there may be stupid answers, and if there are stupid answers then you are not the right person to guide the students. So directly the students judge the power and capacity of the teachers. I won't ever like to become a teacher then. I have seen most of the couples in scientific field. If one is working in an academic field the other says he/she won't like to work there rather work in a company. Even I will like to work in a company or a research organization, as there are not many who can judge the stupidity.


High aims never aim for the hurdles, they aim for the sky!!



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